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Maybe two days later than planned but this will be my reflection this week. I think I have finally chosen my colour palette for the website. This may change once I have more of my content completed but so far, this is what I’m happy with. G had recommended I go with a brown, red and blue colour combination and avoid green at all costs. The fourth colour therefore is a yellow tone though this may not be used in the end as even though its complimentary, my mother would say that its Karitane yellow, which is something meant as a negative connotation towards babies excretion. Since beginning development on my 3d models I have felt a bit more productive this week than other weeks. I will endevour to complete the base instrument today and will work on the actual character bodies development on Tuesday where I have an empty day to play around with this concept. 

This weekend has been a busy one, what with shifting around my apartment, so once this is completed and I’m all Feng-Shui-ed out - I think I’ll be in a better mind to finish the story. I really hope my story ending will be completed by the end of this break. I also have to troubleshoot an app that isn’t doing what I want it to, so this will probably be Monday’s problem. I’m definitely in a better mind space these holidays, though as per usual, they aren’t really holidays, just a gap between needing to attend class. 

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Modelling and logo development

This week’s work in progress has been the logo development and 3d modelling. I’m having fun with creating the instruments today and taking my own imagination away with them. The saxophone has been the most challenging and I’ve had to look at an example and customise it to how I want the shape to be and how much detail I want it to have. I will begin the base this afternoon and continue it at the weekend. I’m really happy with this progress and feel a bit more on top of things. It’s something that I can make tangible and it’s a great feeling in comparison to staring at a screen trying to code or write the story. I attempted creating the models in Blender but the functionality just didn’t feel quite right. I took a video of my progress in this application and will upload next week after editing as a part of a work in progress video. I also took some video clips of my progress in Cinema4D and this was a much smoother in remembering how to use and I felt was a little simpler. This could have also been because I utilised this software in my project last semester. 

I still have a gut feeling that I’m behind schedule, but I will keep trucking on with what I’m doing. I suppose some productivity is better than none at all. I’ve purchased the website which at the moment is being forwarded to this blog. This also reminds me that the website needs to be worked on as soon as possible as well. I’m going to work on the website next week as scheduled and hope to have these models completed in the first draft and ready to test print by Sunday. 

The logo development I have been completing is done in photoshop. I thought I would use Illustrator but I just wanted to tidy the image first before transferring across to work on the text. I’m torn between keeping my own writing or implementing a typeface in its place. I used the letter C from the font I’ve used to write Jazz Lounge to emphasise the curve in the Base so that it was clearly a c. I will keep working on this and hope to have this completed by the end of the holidays. If i chip away at it little by little, any changes made will be reflected on across time. 

Saxophone example came from

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Just working through some more logo iterations. I’m really liking the Base and how the name can be incorporated into it. More so than the other two. I would have needed a more abstract Saxophone to be able to incorporate this and therefore the Base may be more suited. I will then adjust the Guitar to be a Base in the story line as a choice/direction for the reader. This could also be a more interesting print when I come to think of it. Will get some feedback from others but I’m liking this direction already. 

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Curative visits class - A plan that admits no modification is no plan at all

Curative is a social based business that work to make the world a better place. Eddy Helm and Eddy Dever discussed their work processes and their current project Steer Clear. Their prime directive is to work with positive social impact projects. Curative are the ones that bring us Creative Mornings on the last Friday of the month with creative speakers that inspire and are a much demanded event.

Curative believe that in order to be a social company in the social sector, it is essential that both creativity and empathy are combined to ensure a successful campaign. A lot of time must be spent on understanding the company that is being worked with and knowing the market aids in delivering the best creative output. They are in the business of selling behavioural change that will increase an awareness of the cause at hand.

Curative’s key and perhaps biggest project at the moment is Steer Clear. This was in collaboration with the New Zealand Drug Foundation to communicate that it is unwise and dangerous to drive under the influence of drugs. What I found interesting with their campaign was that they produced so much design content that they knew was not going to be right with the target market and showcased it to them to see what worked and what didn’t so that it could end up being more directed in the long run. They continually test whether the engagement where their marketing is being targeted is still relevant, which is a logical step, especially when dealing with youth.

All the parts they create for this campaign could not work as stand alone items. The specific relevance and example for how they utilise the theory of transmedia. They are interconnected through the website, Facebook group, You Tube and Twitter. They are looking at Tumbkr as a potential deliverable now also. The website is the best place to store all the information and the best place to start with a project. It is like the roundabout to further parts of the transmedia web. The more puzzle pieces, the more engagement can be obtained. The goal was to create experiences that lead to creating dynamic conversations in a controlled space.

The key takeaway from this guest speaker I found was to challenge the idea of assumption. Never assume. Test any output with the target market and offer alternatives that they can talk about and help develop. Co-design is the key part of the production and design process.

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Working solo - Not all what it’s made out to be

The project thus far has been more challenging than previous ones since the beginning of this degree. I’ve found that not having anyone to really report to has been a set back and driven me to find excuses for myself for not executing things in a timely fashion. In previous assignments, I’ve always worked effectively in group situations and kept on top of everything. With no one really to be accountable to except myself, it has been future Ann Marie’s problem. This has to change starting this week. I would say starting now, however I’ve actually been on top of another class’ assignment so completing that one will mean I am open to starting my 3d modelling and begin coding the backbone of my website.

This last week has been a turning point in productivity, but up until then I’ve felt like I’ve just been floating by ideas and not really taking action. It was suggested in my final assessment last semester that I find my own working process as an individual. Working individually is perhaps the biggest risk I’ve taken this semester as I know the workload is all on me and it is up to me to get the tasks done. It’s been helpful sitting next to Taylor to bounce ideas off when I’m stuck but I still haven’t been able to work out my own individual working process as a creative practitioner. I perhaps need to set specific times to blog and what to blog, whether it’s a reflection or an update with what has been completed so far. Then I would definitely have something to commit to, and a point of accountability. I will need to consider this moving forward as I always find writing as my favourite and best form of communication. Perhaps working that out in itself is a key starting point in working out my own processes. I’m aware that this post alone is probably the longest personal reflection I’ve added to the blog this semester. I’m aware of this and I’m a little peeved and disappointed with myself that I’ve let this dwindle. I used excuses at the start, but this can no longer happen.

So I can be accountable to you, the internet, to those that actually read these thoughts. I will complete the following over the 2 week break:
3d models - at least to a presentable stage with tested prints in week 8.
website front to hold my story completed with a chosen colour design
Record/film both these processes for adding to various mediums
Start a blogging schedule that must be adhered to
I will also have an ending to my adventure which is sitting, nagging like a little woodpecker, at the back of my mind.

I can only hope this will work and I realise it’s up to me.

Perhaps I need to incentivise this.

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This was my analysis of a data visualisation as a part of the first assessment for 3d data visualisation. I chose this purely because I like tweets and I love how interactive this visualisation is. I have my next assignment planned so watch this space.

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Set development of sorts

This is a continuation of an earlier post I made about the set I have imagined for my story. Utilising Pinterest to collate imagery of what the bar inside looks like will inspire my own writing and aid in developing the story further. I had hoped it may help in coming up with an ending but nothing has quite hit the mark just yet. I developed a variety of sketches of how the layout looked in my head. I am definitely no artist or architect when it comes to these things but it has helped I suppose. My key inspiration as I had mentioned earlier was that of a holodeck episode in Star Trek - The Next Generation where Riker plays his saxophone. I know I want to add studio apartments above the lounge for added story development. I plan to incorporate one of the residents of this into the main plot line. I think at this point now that I have the set down, to start working out how to describe what I see in my head. This will definitely be a skill I can take forward if I can pull it off. I think I may need to read around this further, and explore what other authors have done to work through this process. 

I have also included above a drawing/plan of how I originally expected the story to develop. And though it’s not heading in that direction anymore, I find it’s always good to reflect from where I have come to where this ends up at in the final assessment week. 

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Getting retweeted

This is always a good feeling though I wish someone would respond. So here goes for a different medium:

How do you think a jazz bar murder mystery should end?

I’m still stuck on the ending and love the input my peers have had. But I need more. I need something snappy. At this point in my story I have the main character talking about the murder with a long term resident living in a studio above the bar that owns a cat. How will this be twisted? Who plotted the murder of the previous jazz bar player? Or was it an accident?

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The Second Crit Session

Today’s crit session has reinforced how much work I have left to do but also that I have completed a fair amount of content in preparation for the story I will write. I noted that I will now be moving to base the pick your path adventure on a website rather than an application and this was met by great suggestions on how best to execute this process. I’m in the process of learning Jquery and this will be helpful in the creation of this website.

I was reminded that I needed to tell a story across more mediums and will do this through recording the challenges and happy accidents through the development of the 3d models. This would also personalise the process and hopefully will gain traction with the public that would lead to constructive feedback. I’m hoping to execute parts of my story through participatory design as I’m stuck for the final conclusion. As much as I hope this will be discovered through the development in my writing, inspiration from others and the feedback I gain will probably be the most effective tool in this instance.

According to my original schedule I am behind, and this did worry me for a moment, however I’m sure over the break, I will catch up on design, development and reflections. The order of process has become more logical and dynamic as the story development has grown and feedback from my peers has been given. I need to conclude on my logo this week I think so after an assessment I have tomorrow I’ll develop it further, extended it and then at the weekend I will digitally design it through Illustrator. Onwards and upwards. There is still much to complete.

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Jazz Bar research - Planning for second crit

I never thought I would actual utilise Pinterest as an imagery collation tool for my study. I needed to show a feeling and a taste for what the bar represented in my own mind. Since purely a sketch would not fit, I collated items that fit with the Clouded Clementine image. My first inspiration was the bar on the holodeck in Start Trek - The Next Generation. I then extended this to New Orleans Jazz Bar and then purely jazz lounges. I was able to obtain images of posters I would want lining the walls in a rugged manner, along with images of the smokey allure that attract me to the style of these bars in the first place.

I will soon find out (tomorrow) whether I have been able to communicate this vibe. I also included the first draft section of my writing, which is by no means anywhere near completed or 100% edited. However, it portrays the start of how the setting is formed and the first part of the final 3d printed object - that is - if you complete the story. 

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Logo Development

This has probably been the longest process so far. I’m finding that I can be very indecisive when it come to logo development. I need it to represent exactly what I want to portray and since shifting focus to a lounge bar, basing this on a saxophone and working around that, keeps my choices limited, has been helpful. While I have been researching for other jazz bar logos. Most appear to have swirly characters, neon lights and incorporate an instrument one way or another. I appreciate more the design of dark, with a smokey street look and not flashy, overly trashy looking, neon signs that most appear to be. The setting I want to portray is dark but not tasteless. As though the bar used to be upmarket but it’s let itself go on the inside.

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Another suggestion in the Writers Source Book by Chris Sykes was to plan an outline like the above so that a path can be created and followed. It’s not a be-all-end-all of outlines and can be modified to fit where the story may journey to. Inspiration comes at the most unexpected moments. I’ve found mapping out the story and potential endings most curious and confusing. I plotted the endings first, opting for 4 to 5 potential endings and what the 3d model would be for each. This seemed a good way to start. I was stuck however, it seemed too predictable, and the heroes journey just didn’t seem to knock me into saying “hell yeah! This story is amazing”. Once I completed my exploration of objects and thought to explore the jazz lounge setting, I let my ideas flow. I kept the conclusions in the back of my head rather than writing them down, and this seemed to work and flow more fluidly. Though I still don’t have a final conclusion, I hope when I sit down and write the whole thing, it will come to me with a bang. I am drawing on others opinions in a sort of participatory narrative and study sort of way, so that I know what I am writing is something others in my target group would read.

I had also utilised 'I need a prompt' to see what crazy and spontaneous sentences I could apply to my own writing. I noted down the most usable and perhaps the most noteworthy that appeared. I know this could be seen as a cop out, but I see this as inspiration. Inspiration for where a story could lead no matter how wacky or unrealistic the sentence appears. I could see this site being used for some sort of games night or as a children’s story telling tool, so all was not wasted on this site. Who knows, an agile, well dress hippie, could be cat sitting in a high school gymnasium!

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Character Development

This was suggested by a book I read earlier in the story development process, Teach Yourself the Writer’s Source Book by Chris Sykes. It said to complete a character profile so that you understood who the character was, their needs and perhaps desires as well. I haven’t actually utilised this in the final version however I have kept it as a side note to creating any characters within the story. I may use one for the main character however this was developed when I had planned for a heroes journey path.

I also needed to plan for objects that the character would be holding for 3d modelling so I explored drawing firstly objects that came to mind then this inspiration ran out and moved to people-watching for their accessories. This exploratory process again, was to be used if a heroes journey was developed. I believe this was where musical instruments came to mind and therefore helped me in concluding with a jazz lounge story and setting.

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Write 'Choose Your Own Adventure' Books Through This Clever HTML5 App

I’ve decided at this stage to map out my story utilising this web app. It seems the clearest and easiest way to write out what I want to say without coding my own website. As I’m not 100% sure of the paths, this software can be used to show how many pages I need and how many links I will need. I am also unsure of how I want my story to end and hope with this process this will be decided. 

Inklewriter is a great tool for creating these stories, and you can not only see the map of paths, but also publish the story though this html5. I asked a peer to look at the process I’m working through, and he just laughed at what I had written so far. it is only a first edit but already I’m self conscious of what I’m writing. But no matter, this is a first effort at writing a short story since high school, so I my expectations of potential brilliance is low. This isn’t the focus of this assignment. It is instead on connecting these stories to a customised stl file. I am still yet to develop these, but I will endeavor to work on Rhino later this week. 

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It may be messy but it’s a plan in the works. Who knew story telling with multiple story lines could be so exciting. More to come once this idea has been confirmed/tested with the peers.